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Our ALL-YOU-CAN-BIKE Rental Pass is the perfect way to get out and explore the trails in your city! 


With new cities being added all the time nationwide, you have unlimited access to pedal-powered exploration around the country! 


Also, included with this offer is an annual membership for kayak rental at 100+ locations nationwide through Rent.Fun, making this the perfect recreational package, by land and by sea!

TandemGO National Membership

  • This membership details are:

    $99 annual membership
    Bikes - 12 hour rental x 1
    E-Bike - 30% off
    Rent.Fun Kayak - 2 hrs free x 2 - (2 times a day)


    Please use the same name, email, and phone number used for checkout in the Movatic App.

    Terms and limitations:

    Valid 1 year from purchase.

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