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How to Launch a Bike Share Program Without Stress

What’s more important than launching a bike share program? Launching a bike share program without stress.

With expectations, processes, and deliverables clearly defined, a complex project bringing together multiple agencies and stakeholders becomes not only manageable but enjoyable. We could be a bit biased - but really - who doesn’t love talking about bikes?

Tandem Mobility was built from the beginning to be community focused. This is applicable in everything we do from operations to support to account management; we recognize that our product and service make an impression on the community. And we want that to be a good one - for the residents and visitors who use the bike share, as well as for the partners and community stakeholders who are invested in seeing their program thrive.


What’s the secret to launching bike shares without stress?

Process. Process. Process.

One aspect of our bike share launch process is the creation of a market-specific Launch Project Management Calendar. Here’s a glimpse at some of the high level deliverables and milestones we track with our community partners:


With key deliverables and timelines shared between Tandem Mobility and our partner community, expectations are set and updates are transparent.

Does this ensure every launch is without hiccups? No. It just means that we, as a collaborative team, can discuss anticipated barriers and find solutions that make the most sense for the community we are serving.


Let us help you with your next bike share launch or expansion. We provide bikes, software, customer support, and liability insurance in a straightforward turnkey bike share solution.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What are you waiting for? Let’s roll.

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