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Tandem Mobility: 2021 Wrap Up

"We've got this!"

This has been a rally cry of support at internal meetings, an exclamation of excitement when exploring new creative concepts, and an expression of contentment when reflecting on the obstacles overcome and goals accomplished together with our partner communities.

It’s a phrase that perfectly sums up this past year at Tandem Mobility.

What we do

  • Tandem Mobility provides custom micromobility solutions. We specialize in operating turnkey programs (bike share and e-bike share or a mix of both). We can also provide products and services (i.e. operations, hardware, white-label software) a-la-carte.

  • Regional programs. We provide connected turnkey bike share as an integral part of the larger regional transportation vision. When our bike share communities are ready to expand regionally, we can seamlessly scale up to support interconnected communities on the same software platform - even when the individual communities want to retain their own branding and rider pricing. We can customize the back end to support any amount of interconnectivity between the different mobility programs.

  • Data analytics provide checks and balances on our market-level ops. Data + KPIs + mechanic SOPs all play a part in operational success.

  • We provide consultative guidance on how to best set up local bike share programs for success, leveraging our experience in small to medium sized cities to advise on elements like membership and rider pricing, system design, and rider incentives.

Where we do it

By the numbers

Key Takeaways from 2021

  • Partner trust and rider enthusiasm are foundational to our success. We recognized this when we launched Tandem in 2020, and were able to grow in 2021 with this same guiding principle at the heart of our business.

  • Our in-market mechanics are the eyes and ears of the company. Their attention to detail surfaced a software bug related to location tagging when ending a rental, and they were instrumental in field testing the subsequent software upgrade.

  • We value transparent and authentic communication as much as we do operational excellence. When the unexpected happens we connect with our partners, evaluate the impact of various solutions, and commit to resolving an issue with the partners’ goals and best interests in mind. Mistakes happen. It’s how they’re handled that matters.

  • We prioritize scalability and efficiencies, not only because of their impact on operations but perhaps more importantly for the impact these efficiencies have the people we serve and support. See next.

  • With efficiency and scalability comes:

↑ bandwidth within our team

↓ burnout

↑ culture of wellness

↑ resources devoted to creative and strategic efforts

↑ value to our end users and partners

What we are committed to in 2022:

  • We will continue to provide cost-efficient, reliable micromobility solutions. Our products and services will be thoughtfully priced so that our company, and ultimately the micromobility programs in our partner communities, are financially sustainable.

  • We will continuously evaluate and improve our deliverables, our processes, and our relationships - both with our business partners and our community of mechanics and riders. We will use data and analytics tools to further refine our operations, both internally at HQ and at a market level. We’ll also be sharing more digital updates via newsletters and blog posts.

  • We will source hardware and software that best suits each community’s needs - whether their priorities are driven by budget, fulfillment timelines, or technical considerations. In the near term we are increasing our focus on e-mobility and bike parking solutions.

  • We will do our best to understand the changing needs of communities interested in bike sharing. In the coming months we will utilize your feedback to help inform how we prioritize feature requests of our software partner, Movatic.

Please take this brief mobility software survey. Your responses are greatly appreciated.

Tandem Mobility - like so many of our industry friends and partners - had quite an interesting year. We close out 2021 with gratitude for the communities who trust us, for the partners who hold us accountable, and for the team we are cultivating. Ride on.

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