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Huntsville, Alabama Bikeshare Returns!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Queue the green light- Tandem Mobility is live and bikes are rolling in Huntsville, AL! This milestone will kick off as Tandem Mobility's first official bikeshare program launch.

Communities across the US were impacted by COVID and as a result, Zagster was forced to close their doors, abruptly ending the bikeshare programs they maintained across those communities. For small to medium-sized communities, bringing bikeshare to fruition is no easy feat, as it often requires public and private partnerships and true collaboration between cities, local stakeholders, and sponsors. They knew getting programs back up and running would potentially prove to be a long and arduous process.

Nearly 6 months passed since Huntsville shut down their program which had been operating since 2017. With the help of Tandem Mobility and Movatic, the Huntsville Bikeshare program has seen a warm welcomed revival, launching 30 bikes across 11 stations in the downtown area.

"It's grown to be kind of an institution here in the city of Huntsville. The city of Huntsville is one of the first - that were prosperous in bikeshare," said City of Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

“Cycling allows users to experience Huntsville in a unique way and it provides another mode of transportation that is clean and energy friendly,” Mayor Battle adds. “It also fits well in our Healthy Huntsville initiative to encourage daily forms of exercise. Our thanks to Tandem Mobility and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for improving our quality of life by offering new bike share opportunities.”

Biking has become a noticeably popular activity for communities during this pandemic. This resurgence can be attributed to a number of things: The desire to stay active in areas where gyms have closed, commuting via biking to avoid mass transit, and the desire for a relatively safe activity that gives people an excuse to step outside and collect fresh air.

Tandem Mobility recognizes these advantages and strives to continue serving communities prepared to reap the benefits that launching a bikeshare in a city can bring. Tandem was created to be a trusted advisor and consultant on bikeshare, scootershare, and other recreational programs, working in tandem with the communities we serve. Our vision goes beyond bikes- we look to shape complete mobility and recreational programs with full turnkey options. With Tandem, you have a partner who is ready to adapt and support you in a rapidly changing environment to provide a solution that meets your community’s needs.

Interested in learning more? Email us at

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